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Our CRM Software Features

Embodied with amazing CRM software features, SolvCRM is your threshold to sales pipeline defined by efficiency, viable opportunities, and better management. Delve into the core of our CRM software features, methodically designed to not only meet but exceed the unique needs of your sales process and adding a long term efficiency and meaningful associations to your enterprise.

Lead Management Dashboard in SolvCRM: Efficiently Organize and Nurture Leads
Manage Lead In Real-Time

Lead Management CRM Software

Get your hands at the best progression of lead cultivation with our robust CRM lead management software. Our CRM’s lead management feature is a starlight of opportunity, allowing you to not just apprehend leads but foster them into lasting relationships. Witness the transformation from initial contact to conversion, and absorb the full potential of every interaction.

Track Sales Pipeline

Ramp up Sales with Opportunity Management

Our sales CRM software helps to elevate your sales journey with unwavering confidence and efficiency. The CRM’s opportunity management feature is backed by data entered by you. Capture, track, and prioritize budding deals with utmost efficiency, ensuring that your sales team navigate towards the most promising boulevards for brilliant sales journey.

Generate Automated Quotes

Effortless Quote Management

Work out quotes that speak of professionalism and competence. Our sales CRM software’s quote management feature is easy to navigate to and allows you to create, customize, and track quotes seamlessly. Equipped with the best CRM software features, you can now elevate every client interaction with clarity and conviction.

Location tracking

Enhance visibility

Get a step ahead in this competitive businesses world with better accountability of your sales team and a deeper visibility into team operations with our GPS Tracking feature. Get complete insight on where and when your sales reps are performing their duties with field tracking.

Detailed Report Creation

Dashboard and Reports in CRM for Actionable Insights

Get the power of timely and intelligent decision making with our astute dashboard and record management. Our CRM’s dashboard management feature is your booster for your sales processes. Analyze and monitor key metrics in real-time, identifying the hot opportunities from trends, and thus, achieving maximum out of your data.

Maintain Product Inventory

CRM with Product Management Feature

Master the art of product organization with our versatile CRM for product management. Our CRM’s product management feature helps you to curate, update, and track your services effortlessly. Keep relevant and up-to-date information at your fingertips, laying the foundation for unparalleled customer experiences.

Secure role-based access

Secure User Management with Just a Few Clicks

Fuel your team’s potential with precision. Get better control of your data, user management, and confidential information with our CRM’s user management feature. Control access levels, delegate responsibilities, and manage user permissions to foster a secure and collaborative environment.

Other CRM software Features

Some More interesting CRM features that You Hadn’t Considered Beforehand

Audio Notes

Take your sales process to next level and bid farewell to manual efforts of remembering discussions by switching to audio notes from our bucket of CRM software features.

Task Management

Navigate the business terrain with confidence, armed with real-time insights and analytics from our robust task management feature.

Event Management

One-stop solution for your leads’ data management and event performance evaluation for an overall improved sales funnel.

Lead/Deals Management

Track and update the stage of a deals and leads journey in the sales process with our effective CRM lead management software.

Role Management

Enhance security by creating, managing, and assigning role-based access control to users using role management features.

Import/Export Data with Excel

Importing and exporting data for processing and management has never been as easy as part of our flexible best CRM for lead management.

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