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Cloud-based CRM Software: Definition, Benefits and Features

Are you aware of how cloud-based CRM software can help you? No? I am. So, it
becomes my duty to let you know how transformative cloud-based CRM software can be for your business. May it be a small-scale or a large-scale business, everyone needs strong customer relationship management. Almost 87% of businesses are adopting CRM software in some way or other.

Among these, the businesses that have opted for cloud-based CRM software have observed 25% more sales along with 12% less overhead costs. Fascinating right?

There is no doubt that CRM software can bring flattering transformations to the
overall functioning of your sales operations. From increased customer retention to
better strategic analysis, cloud-based CRM software is a must if you are seeking more pronounced business outcomes.

Let’s explore more about this magical tool which is ready to uncover its charm and
mesmerise you with the fresh functionality of your business workflow.

What is Cloud-based CRM Software?

So, what exactly is a cloud-based CRM software? It is a more flexible customer relationship management software that gives you the freedom of accessing all your customer data and important information anywhere, anytime and all you need to have is an Internet connection. In traditional CRM software, all the data and the software are available in limited systems of the office only.

Many times it becomes difficult for the team members to work on urgent tasks if they are not in the office or the designated place. Cloud-based CRM software helps in overcoming this problem where you can access all the important information through the internet.

Features of Cloud-Based CRM Software

Though different cloud-based CRM Software has different features, the best CRM software is equipped with the following essential features:

Dashboard Management

cloud-based CRM Dashboard-store all data at one place

Precise and well-presented reports and numbers do half the job of CRM. A good cloud-based CRM Software boasts of an ingenious dashboard that delivers insights into the performance, trackers, budding leads, etc. to the user very vividly. The best part is that with the help of cloud-based CRM software, you can access this data anywhere and anytime.

User Management

cloud-based CRM Software for user management

All the information stored in the cloud-based CRM Software is always confidential and is important for the growth and efficiency of a company. CRM software must have a defined and strict access protocol by fixed individuals and groups.

Custom Solutions

In the world of modern business, customers are spoilt with choices and that too
custom. So, providing tailored CRM solutions is a must in cloud-based CRM software. Catering to the specified needs and expectations of the customers not only calls for a great customer experience but also adds to the trust and reliability of the client.

Interaction Tracking

An important feature of Cloud-based CRM Software is to track and record interaction details to prevent miscommunication or loss of important information.  From audio notes to team tracking, interaction management, and tracking adds a lot more credibility.

Customer Support and Service

Efficient customer support is critical for customer satisfaction. Cloud-based CRM systems often include features for effective and timely customer support with personal attention to the clients.

Customer Data Management

CRM software is a storehouse of customer information from basic contact details to purchase history and communication preferences. This online consolidated data allows businesses to tailor their interactions with customers, leading to more meaningful engagements without limitations of time and space.

Benefits of cloud-based CRM software

Organized data and coordinated team

One of the primary benefits of cloud-based contact management software is well-
organized customer data and a well-communicated core team. Having all the data on a cloud-based CRM system reduces a whole lot of time and miscommunication between the team.

Customer Data Management

CRM software is a storehouse of customer information, from basic contact details to sales history and communication preferences. This consolidated data allows businesses to tailor their interactions with customers, leading to more meaningful engagements.

Increased Efficiency

When sales executives and team members do not have to consult different departments for different details, it becomes easy and convenient to act fast. In a cloud-based CRM system, all the important information is there in the customer relationship management software itself.

More time, less manual effort, and a prioritized workflow add to the efficiency of the enterprise.

Lead Generation and Management

A good cloud-based contact management software helps the team stay alert for new leads and detailed analysis of the customer data provides valuable insights for structuring a viable strategy for timely actions.

Customer Centricity With Custom Solutions

Cloud-based customer relationship management gives you the power to focus on the unique needs of every customer and provide them with tailored solutions from any corner where the internet is available.

Enhanced Workflows

When we know where to focus first and which lead or deal should be left cold for the time being, a lot of time and effort are saved. Good cloud-based CRM systems provide the flexibility of instant actions to grab the opportunity in hand, for a steady and sustainable workflow.


CRM tools seamlessly fit in with marketing efforts, providing a wholesome view of customer interactions. Integration of the sales and marketing team through cloud-based CRM helps the marketing team stay updated with the latest trends and patterns, thus helping them in curating targeted marketing strategies.

Increased Sales and Customer Retention

Could-based customer relationship management aims to create a positive scenario for both the customers and the business owners. With great customer experience and timely follow-ups to the customer, the chances of repeat customers increase, leading to enhanced customer retention.

If you are going to escalate your sales and revenue then get the best cloud-based CRM system for your business today. SolvCRM can be a great choice for the same as they are industry-leading CRM software providers with all essential features.

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